Holiday Projectors designed by RazTech Lighting Invented by RazTech Lighting - HOLIDAY PROJECTORS and slide films crafted in USA. Professional outdoor and indoor projectors.
Indoor and outdoor multi-image holiday projector
Christmas Holiday Projector for Outdoor
Holiday Christsmas Projector in a Rock
Outdoor rated with rock enclosure
Outdoor commercial christmas holiday projector mounts to standard electrical box
Outdoor Enclosures For Projectors
Outdoor enclosures for moving yoke projectors and other projection systems
Raz25 LED Outdoor Projector
with multiple mounting options
RazDome M1
Enclosure for Projectors
RazDome M2
Enclosure for robotic and digital projectors
Rock Enclosures for Holiday Christmas Projectors
Original Outdoor Christmas and Holiday Projector
Projection Systems
High resolution full color film images are heat and moisture resistant

Chrismas Nativity Manger
Raz10 LED Slide film christmas holiday projector
All aluminium and stainless steel construction with glass optics
ThemeLite halogen or LED exterior moving picture projection system
LED projector for outdoor
50,000 hours
lamp life
RazRock Model 2 fiberglass
Enclosure for projectors
Holiday Projector LED
Holiday Projector in a rock
ImagePro halogen or LED Projector for the Holidays and behond
Raz25 LED
RazDome M1
Item#: Jesus is the reason for the season with manger
Call to order: 219-322-8800
Item#: Col 33 Manger A Savior Is Born
Item#: C0128 Manger in Color
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Standard and Custom
Slides, Films, Foils, & Gobos
Custom Slides,
Films, Foils, & Gobos
Also available for our projectors are cases, trusses, towers, poles, and stands. These elements can be fabricated to your requirements.
Item#: Nativity God's Peace to All
Item#: Nativity Bless you
Item#: Nativity 03
Item#: Nativity Wise Men 01
Item#: Advent Wreath 01
Item#: Nativity C0161 wise still seek him
Item#: Nativity C0094
Item#: Nativity C0185
Item#: Nativity COL41
Item#: Nativity Porta
Item#: Nativity 2015
Item#: Nativity 2014
Item#: Nativity COL106
Item#: Nativity Manger 02
Item#: Nativity Manger COL 33
Call to order: 219-322-8800
Item#: Nativity Manger custom COL 106
Item#: Col 106 Happy Birthday Jesus
Engineered and Manufactured in USA, by RazTech Lighting
Holiday Projectors invented and manufactured by RazTech Lighting
est. 1983
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Holiday Christmas Projectors made by RazTech Lighting in USA