Projection general information to help the customer choose the right projector for there application. How to Order RazTech Lighting Holiday Projectors for decorating indoors or outdoors
Indoor and Outdoor Projector Frequently Ask Questions

1.) Can the projector be used outdoors in the daytime?    No, projections look the best on a white colored unlit projection surface. The sun and outdoor scattered light washes out the image. Shading the projection area may work.

2.) How large can I make the projection?
As the projection gets larger by moving back or zoom, the projected image will get  dimmer. A 5 to 10 foot image is most common at 15-25 feet back. Large projections (>15 feet) require more light power and larger projection systems.

3.) How far away from the projection can I go? 
Our projectors can be focused anywhere from 5 to 30 feet back.

4.) Where do I put the projector and how much can I angle the projector?
The most efficient position for the projector is 15-20 foot back and  perpendicular the surface as possible. Some images are more sensitive to angles more than 35  degrees. Offsetting the projector from the driveway is ok as long as you are out about 20 feet.

5.) What kind of mounting options are there?
Projectors can be mounted many different ways for example: stake ground mount, long ground pipe mount, stands within Rocks, poles, towers, and flange mount. .

6.) Is there a difference between commercial and residential projectors? 
Yes, the optics, coatings, components are more advanced in commercial units.

7.) Do I need tamper proofing, theft protection, or alarm?
Some application may require additional equipment protection.

8.) How fast can I get the projector and imaging?
We manufacture the projectors to order to provide the best results. Please allow enough time to order. Consult us for delivery time.

9.) What is the best color to project?
The best color to project is a smooth semi-gloss surface.

10.) What is the cost for a projector? 
Projectors can range in price with projection size, light power, in/out door configurations,  and options. Call or email us for quote.

11.) When should I change the light bulb?  Our low voltage lamps will need to be changed after 5,000 hours or when it appears to be dim. Outdoor conditions are different from one location to another, inspecting the halogen lamp blackening and the reflector for a silver reflective surface are good indications for a lamp change. LED lamps do not need to be changed. LED lamps are upgraded after 25,000 to 50,000 hours if you so desire. The new LED lamps do not emit IR (heat rays) and UV (ultra-violet rays) also, LED lamps operate much cooler and use less electricity.

12.) What is the difference between film projectors and digital projectors? Film projectors are basically slide projectors but use new high temperature and high resolution film to withstand the light beam heat. Digital projectors use LCD or DLP imaging elements instead of  film. Digital projectors provide any type of animation, static image, and slide shows. Digital projectors cost more than film projectors and are very sensitive to outdoor dust and temperature extremes. Film projectors provide higher resolution and are very easy to operate. Film projectors are easier to maintain and setup. Projection colors are richer from a film projector. The operating life of a film projector is much longer than a digital projector.

13.) Why are Raztech projectors the best?  A cheap projector has little light power (no brightness or pop), does not focus, blurry images, poor colors, very small image size, made of plastic and breaks easily, corrodes, and are not water proof. RazTech projectors are made of aluminum and stainless steel and can be focused at any distance. RazTech projections are sharp, clear, and rich in color saturation. A RazTech projector is bright because of quality light collection optics and engineered focusing projection optics. Because of RazTech's large film size,  film has very low grain or pixelation producing smooth sharp projections. Rich color saturation is accomplished by multi-layering color, this technique produces beautifully perceived projections. The RazTech projected image has total blackouts or no frame.  A frameless projected image looks imbedded into the projection surface creating an  incredible lighting effect.

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Important Projector Questions
1.) Is your application indoor or outdoor
2.) How large do you want the projection
3.) How far away from the projection surface will the projector be positioned
4.) Are you projecting on the ground, wall, or large building
5.) How do you want to mount the projector: in ground, pole, rock, steel encl., building wall
6.) Is this a commercial or residential application
7.) Do you need tamper proofing, theft protection, or alarm
8.) When do you need your projection system
9.) What is the color of the projection surface
10.) What is your estimated budget
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