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Snow Falling Projectors
Also available for our projectors are cases, trusses, towers, poles, and stands. These elements can be fabricated to your requirements.
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Outdoor Projections of Snow Falling and Snowflakes spining and turning with different snow flakes styles.
RazTech Lighting projections create snow falling with snowflakes spinning and turning as they fall. Snowflakes are created with a multi-faceted mirror and moving film of many different snowflake styles. Projectors are durable, enclosed in strong metal housings to last a life time. Projectors are designed for indoor and outdoor applications with custom varitions of lenses and lamp powers. RazTech Lighting Snow falling projectors are fabricated around a light source or light bulb capable of being bright on an area of 10 x 10ft to 40ft x 40 ft.
Pricing as follows:

Raz75  Snow Falling projector,  75 watt Halogen lamp (10ft x 10ft area) $375.
Raz100 Snow falling projector,  100 watt LED lamp (15ft x 15 ft area) $call.
Raz300 Snow falling projector, 300 watt HID lamp   (20ft x 20 ft area) $call.
Raz575 Snow falling projector, 575 watt HID lamp (25ft x 25 ft area) $call.
Raz1200 Snow falling projector, 1200 watt HID lamp (30ft x 30 ft area) $call.
Raz2000 Snow falling projector, 2000 watt HID Lamp (40ft x 40 ft area) $call.
Snowflakes spinning, falling and changing shape.
Engineered and Manufactured in USA, by RazTech Lighting
Holiday Projectors invented and manufactured by RazTech Lighting
est. 1983
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