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Mission Our world-class team of lighting experts, along with our global lighting resource centers, supply chain
solutions and network of specialized partners, ensures the highest quality solid-state lighting solutions for customers. We
Solid-State Lighting Expertise Enabling customers worldwide with our lighting knowledge, experienced team and
network of partners.  Design Support Services Accelerating customer adoption with our unique suite of design tools,
global lighting resource centers, application solutions and extensive product portfolio.  Supply Chain and Business
Solutions Facilitating customer growth by providing world class service, global supply chain solutions, a dedicated
global LED distribution system, flexible payment terms, and value-added loyalty programs.

Chris assembling projectors on the assembly line
Chris assembles and tests each projector on the assembly line. Projectors are carefully crafted to provide maximum customer satisfaction for many years.  Additionally, RazTech Lighting's creative designs along with skillfull manufacturing create lighting systems that withstand harsh exterior conditions.  With 30 years of time tested fixtures, Raztech provides customers with systems to accomplish long lasting beautiful lighting.    
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RazTech Lighting LLC
980-990 Richard Road
Dyer, Indiana 46311
Phone: 219-322-8800 or 877-264-2153
A Brief History of RazTech Lighting:

In 1983, RazTech Lighting began developing and manufacturing compact, automated, lighting products for display lighting, architectural lighting, and residential lighting. State of the art solutions are created for your specialized lighting needs.  Our projectors are used in art galleries, hotel lobbies, restaurants, theaters, churches, museums, trade show displays, and many other applications.

Retail displays and businesses use our projectors to display their company logos or as an advertising projector for creative advertising of upcoming sales or events. Trade show exhibitors use dynamic lighting to attract attention and to improve visual impact.  Theatrical lighting and special effects improves visibility and leads customers to the booths and products for sale. 
Compact, automated, theatrical lighting integrated into a trade show exhibit creates the ultimate show stopper.  Using a gobo projector can give a retailer the edge on the competition.

RazTech offers top of the line holiday projectors (outdoor projectors), color images, black and white images, and gobos (metal images).  Our professional outdoor projector is more than just a holiday projector, we offer images for every occasion.  We also make custom images and company logos for our image projectors.  Add a personal touch with a personalized image. Homeowners use the ThemeLite for holiday and seasonal displays. The ThemeLite is a moving pictorial scene projector that projects 30 or more scenes that blend from one picture to another, it's ultimate display projector.
Hoilday Christmas gobo projectors made here by Raztech lighting
Snowman scene created with a RazTech holiday projector
RazTech Lighting factory projecting the American flag
RazTech factory with projected snowman scene sceneedit
RazTech factory with projected American flag sceneedit
Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing in USA, by RazTech Lighting
Holiday Christmas Projectors invented and manufactured by RazTech Lighting
est. 1983
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